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Capturing shadows – Inking a site plan for publication.

By Maddy McAllister (MMA)

WWII Maritime Heritage Trail - Battle of Saipan, Landing Craft Underwater Guide

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to expand the few, and very basic, drawings skills I had by volunteering to ink a site plan from the WWII Maritime Heritage Trail – Battle of Saipan Project undertaken by Jennifer McKinnon and a few Flinders University students.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the lucky students to make the trip, so I had no idea what the actual site looked like and had never seen the site plans that had been drawn.  Nevertheless, I jumped at the chance to improve my basic illustration skills and my practically non-existent inking skills. Continue reading

Port MacDonnell Jetty: Is that a pylon, or a pile??

By Maddy McAllister (MMA Student)

The recent Flinders University Advanced Maritime Archaeology Practicum was held in Port MacDonnell and saw 8 students and volunteers assist two post-grad students in their field research, under the supervision of Jennifer McKinnon and Wendy van Duivenvoorde. Maddy Fowler’s research looked into an unidentified shipwreck site on the beach, while Purdina Guerra’s Master’s thesis saw most of us spend a lot of long hours on a seemingly simple, short jetty.

Port MacDonnell Jetty
Port MacDonnell Jetty

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