Keeping up with the blog

There are many options for keeping up with new posts to the blog. Logically, visiting is one way to do this however read on for some other tricks!

You can arrange for new blog posts to be forwarded to your email address. On the home page, look for this box and select ‘sign me up’.

Web feeds
You might have noticed this image in your web travels. This has come to be the accepted logo for a web feed, which is basically a stream of content published by a website. Users (that’s you!) can subscribe to web feeds and have the content appear somewhere more convenient. By subscribing to web feeds, you can have information from many different sources streamed to the place of your choosing. For example, you may want to feed these streams into your email account or a feed reader, such as Google Reader, to save you from visiting dozens of websites for updates.  You can subscribe to our web feed at:

Or just look for the orange logo on our homepage.

Social Media
Many people increasingly prefer to use social media to keep up with news and information from the web. We’ve integrated both Facebook and Twitter into this site so that you can be notified of new blog posts via you own account.

To follow us on Facebook, simply visit our Facebook page and ‘Like’ it.

To keep up to date using Twitter, visit our twitter page and follow us.

Sharing with others
You can also share blog posts or pages with your friends, family or colleagues. Just use one of the sharing options below.

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