What’s an Archaeology ?

Once upon a time, there was a little archaeologist who aspired to be the greatest of them all! That little archaeologist, who grew up to be me, thought he would be the first person in the world to discover the lost city of Atlantis. Fast-forward 16 years and I am currently undertaking my graduate diploma of archaeology at Flinders University. As a graduate student I have been able to undertake the important process of a directed study. I have been tasked with forming an interpretative brief for the Wellington Courthouse in Murray Bridge. Hardly the opportunity to discover Atlantis, but an exciting opportunity nonetheless and my very first taste of archaeology!

Built in 1864, the Wellington Courthouse has a long and important history in the area of Murray Bridge. My interpretive brief will consist of an historical summary of the site, from the days before it was built to today and from the people who worked, lived and played with the site. The site has recently been sold by the National Trust to a private owner. Currently, the owners (who will remain anonymous), are planning to re-establish the site as a tourist hotspot. Intentions for the site currently revolve around a restaurant, bed and breakfast and a museum of the site for the wider community. My directed  study will give the necessary information required to interpret the site, making it excellent and profitable!

I look forward to the adventure ahead, the highs and the lows. More importantly I hope to prove to myself that I am an archaeologist and capable of more than just digging a hole.

The Wellington Courthouse

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