Recording cannon in the rain

Well, here we are in the rain on Friday recording cannons. Today’s master class is all about understanding cannons – their history of use, construction and how to record them archaeologically. We started off with a lecture in the nice dry lab and then headed out to the field. Did you know that there are two cannons at the Old Gum Tree in Glenelg? The OGT is where Capt John Hindmarsh proclaimed the establishment of the South Australian colony in 1836.

We are first sketching the cannons and then taking specific measurements to draw them to scale. Unfortunately we had to bring Mylar to write on even though we aren’t working underwater. The rain is spoiling our parade but that hasn’t stopped some good work from happening.

Does anyone know where there are cannons around town? Post a comment because we want to practice our recording skills.


7 Responses to Recording cannon in the rain

  1. There is a carronade in SAMM that was dredged from the Port River.

  2. Chantal Wight

    There are the cannons at Fort Glanville in Semaphore, there are others at the Torrens Parade ground in Adelaide.

  3. Chantal Wight

    There’s also a cannon in the park just south of Unley Shopping Centre

  4. Chantal Wight

    Osmond Tce Norwood,

  5. Chantal Wight

    Anti-air craft gun on Norfolk Ave, Marion

  6. Chantal Wight

    Crn Peter Brown Drive & Grand Junction Road. There’s an RSL there with field cannon

  7. Nicolas Grguric

    Theres a 19th century cannon in the keswick barracks museum that was found buried there a few years ago.