Getting started

If you’re unfamiliar with blogging then the prospect of writing a blog post may initially be a little daunting. To help people get started, we’ve written a series of very short guides on getting started with using this blog.

  1. Registering as a blog user. If you would like to write your own posts, then you will need to register. This guide will walk you though it. See the guide.
  2. Writing a post. If you can write an email or word document, then you have all the technical skills that you need to write a blog post. This guide outlines the basics
  3. Getting it published. We’re a busy blog, with lots of visitors. To get your work out there follow these simple steps to get your blog draft published with no unnecessary hold ups. See the guide.
  4. Subscribing. Blogs usually offer many different ways of keeping up to date with new posts. This short guide highlights the options you have with our blog. See the guide.