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Troublin’ Torrens

So it’s me again in my exploration of the significance of the Highbury section of Torrens Linear Park. What I have been up to in the last semester is a cross between finding information regarding the Torrens and pulling my hair out in search of information that doesn’t exist or is so difficult to find that it compares to a needle in a haystack. What I have found is interesting though. The Torrens Linear Park is the largest hills to coast Park in Australia and is often called ‘The Trail’, which I think gives it a debonair sound.

One of the issues that I have is that no one knows where it is. People who have lived in Adelaide their whole lives know nothing about it. This includes my housemates, librarians and friends who have no idea what I’m talking about when I refer to this place. So for those that don’t know what I’ve been talking about for the last couple of weeks or have only just read this blog post, this is for you. Highbury is located near Tea Tree Gully, a suburb in the northern regions of Adelaide. This is the area that I am looking at:

Highbury Linear Park

Highbury Linear Park

See that faded area and the yellow pin that says Highbury Linear Park? Well, that’s the area I’ve been talking about.

So what I have found in the last couple of months is information about the Kaurna people and Linear Park as a whole, or different sections that do not include Highbury, and general details about the Torrens River, but, again, nothing focused in the area I want.

Come back Tuesday for my fourth and final blog that will include a more positive and in-depth look at the information I have found about this park and its significance.

Torrens Tour

A couple of weeks ago I told everyone that I would continue on with my discussion about my directed study looking at Highbury’s Torrens Linear Park. I also mentioned that I would include information regarding the tour of the park that I had with my industry partner, Lea Crosby. So here goes.

I met Lea around 9am and we made our way to Highbury’s Torrens Linear Park, a park I had never been to, where we commenced our tour of the site and discussed significant features of the park. The very first feature and the location where we began our tour was this tree (pictured below) which is quantum to the local Kaurna people.

Highbury Torrens Linear Park

After noting this feature we then continued walking through the park looking at the flora and fauna on the way. We also, luckily, met Mick Medic, a horticulturalist, who explained the local fauna and flora to us, as well as giving us a tour of Boord House (below).

Taken a the site of the tree (on the right you can see the tree)

Taken at the site of the tree (on the right you can see the tree)

Boort House

Boord House

Lea and I then continued our tour by taking another path to view the rockshelters, where we discussed their significance to the local Indigenous population.

rockshelters #2

After inspecting the rockshelters we then strolled along another path back to the tree and went our separate ways.

The tour of Highbury’s Torrens Linear Park gave me an impression of the overall site and provided me with information regarding the local flora and fauna that could  possibly have been used by the Indigenous population prior to European settlement.

By Nicole Monk