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The Nigerian Space Program and its Endeavours So Far…

Hi all!

My name is Julia and along with guidance from Alice Gorman I am currently embarking on a directed study of sites, artefacts, and places associated with the Nigerian Space Program as part of my Masters in CHM.

Over the next few months I will be gathering together information about any sites, places or artefacts associated with the Nigerian Space Program in order to establish their significance in a local and international context.

The National Space and Research Agency (NASRDA), was established by the Nigerian Government in 1999, with the sole purpose of establishing a ‘fundamental policy for the development of space science and technology’.

So far, the country has had mixed success with its program. In 2003 it launched NigeriaSat-1, an observational satellite which is part of a Disaster Monitoring Constellation endeavour with other countries such as the UK and China. As part of the project, five of these satellites were launched, with Nigeria contributing NigeriaSat-1. This satellite has now been in orbit for over four years, and has remained successful to this date.

Nigeria’s second and only other attempt was NigComSat-1. Launched in 2007, the satellite lasted only eighteen months out of its fifteen year guaranteed lifespan. Unfortunately, the satellite had to be powered down when its solar power panels became blocked from the sun. The satellite cost an amazing $311 million and caused much controversy from start to finish.

NASRDA’s million dollar failure did not seem to deter Nigeria’s ambition in the slightest. In the pipeline is the re-launch of NigComSat-1, and two more phases: NigComSat-2 (which it hopes to launch in 2010) and NigComSat-3.

Space has suddenly become so much more interesting to me!!! :)

Stay tuned for more…


Heritage of Space

Hi all, my name is Olly and I am currently taking the ARCH 8508 Directed Studies class with Alice Gorman. For my project I have the chance to look into a “new” area of heritage management, the heritage of Space. What I have been asked to do is to identify what, if any, sites with “space significance” are currently listed on national heritage registers across the world.

So far I have been worried to discover that there are currently 192 independent nation sates in the world in 2009, and there are quite a few that I have never heard of! Unsurprisingly not all the countries speak English and it seems that quite a few have also shunned posting national laws on the internet where anyone can see them, which means that my world-wide study is going to have to be slightly limited in scope.

On the brighter side I have been able to find about 80 legislations on the internet in English and after reading all of them it’s surprising how similar they turn out to be. I also think I have heard every possible phrasing of the sentence “Sites of National Heritage Significance”

Now all I have left to do is search all the registers I can find on the internet, and try to work out what a site of Space Significance really is.