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It’s a mine field out there!

This semester as apart of my directed study I have been working with Cameron Hartnell, who has been working at the site of Para Wirra, more particularly the Lady Alice Mine. Cameron has been looking at the site in question to understand 19th century settlements. The site of Para Wirra is located to the north of Adelaide, around half an hour from the city, and was a site predominantly used for mining but now serves as a National Park. James Goddard originally founded the site in 1870; after prospecting and developing the site he found gold.  So enough of the very short history of the site, the very first time I went out to the site it was a wondrous 38 degrees and not only was I out there to see the site, but I helped Cameron finish off a survey of the site. From the site survey, I not only learnt the vastness of the site but it also gave me the opportunity to see the different aspects of the site.  There were building remains as well as a mine that was surrounded with ceramic, glass and modern day plastics. This showed a timeline of life in one space.

As we walked along our transect, I was faced with not only a ginormous kangaroo but also with a large abundance of mine shafts. Cameron also pointed out on numerous occasions old roads that wind their way around the park. Walking through the dense scrub we came across a mine that wasn’t completely closed, surrounding it was a litter of ceramics and glass. It is amazing what can be found by simply taking a walk in a park. I can’t wait to look into this site further.