Taylorville: A Place of Mystery

Boggy Flat was established by James White in 1871. James White held approximately 21 pastoral leases, covering an area of 1,386 square miles. In 1908 Frederick George Taylor, a famer, renamed Boggy Flat to Taylorville. Taylor is also known as the father of Taylorville. Taylor and his family’s first home was located under the cliffs at Gillen East; their permanent home was completed in 1911 on the Murray.

James White

James White

At Taylorville there was a river landing for paddle steamers, and the Kookaburra and the Queen were constant visitors.

There was a stage coach that ran between Morgan, Renmark and Wentworth (when required), operated by Moody and Plush. F.G. Taylor opened a post office on April 13, 1915; it closed on July 31, 1967. In 1914 F.G. Taylor created the F.G. Taylor and Sons Mail Lorry.


Mallyons Restaurant

Western’s Flat was part of Taylorville; on the site was a building built in 1841 that was specifically designed as a rest stop for overlanders travelling to Overland Corner. This building is an organic restaurant today known as Mallyons. A hotel was built within the area and the rest stop became a stable for passengers and staff of Cobb and Co. These buildings were also used as a shearing shed in the 1900s during the Second World War and for barn dancing for the adolescents from Morgan and Taylorville.


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2 responses to “Taylorville: A Place of Mystery

  1. Your story teased my interest but had some omissions. Where is Boggy Flat or Taylorville? Reading between the lines I assume it’s somewhere in SA, but we’re not told.

    Did anything else happen there? Or does your title sum it up correctly, as truly being a place of mystery? Having heard the start of a story I was awaiting a punchline. Or am I being harsh?

    It would help put your story into context to know, thanks.

  2. Sorry, I should have included a map. Boggy Flat is located in South Australia along the River Murray located between Waikerie and Westerns Flat.

    There is limited information relating to Taylorville, making it a difficult place to establish a history for. Taylorville is a recent name for the area and has been incorporated into a conservation park called Donggali Conservation Park which also incorporates the Calperum and Chowilla areas.