A glimpse inside the Angas family home: Collingrove Homestead

For my Directed Studies project I am working with the National Trust of South Australia to complete an interpretive study of Collingrove Homestead, located approximately 7km from Angaston. I recently traveled to Collingrove Homestead with Sue Scheiffers, the Vice President of the National Trust of South Australia Council. My aim for this trip was to familiarise myself with the property and the artefacts, and to identify the themes displayed in the collection.

Collingrove Homestead was built by pastoralist John Howard Angas, who arrived in South Australia in 1843. Beginning in 1856, what started as a modest cottage flourished into an elaborate homestead over a 60-70 year period. The property is gorgeous, covering an area of approximately 5.26 hectares (Collinson 1985). The homestead is a blend of traditional Victorian architecture and modern Edwardian architecture and styling. The homestead and its collection are a reflection of five generations of Angas family members that resided at Collingrove.

Potential themes identified from the collection include:

Family: Family photos are placed throughout the house, depicting five generations of the Angas family. There are also two extremely detailed family tree charts, the family crest and the family bible on display. There’s an overwhelming sense of family pride and respect throughout the homestead.

Pastoralism: Raising livestock was an important aspect of the Angas dynasty. Photos and paintings of the livestock bred and sold are found throughout the house, as well as many documents detailing the breeds, wool etc.

Travel: Exotic artefacts are found in the main hallway and include: stuffed tiger and deer heads, antelope skulls, a leopard pelt, African weapons and bullet shells just to name a few. These exotic keepsakes illustrate a sense of adventure and a passion for travel.

The property really was a delight to visit. I instantly fell in love with the collection. Next time you’re in the Barossa Valley be sure to visit Collingrove Homestead, you will be amazed!

John Howard Angas

John Howard Angas

Family photo
Family photo

  1. Tiger ornament
Tiger ornament

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