Marion’s Intangible Heritage: Interview #2 with Margaret

Intangible Heritage Project Workshop, 2nd Conversation: Margaret Hayes

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Margaret Hayes was born in 1940 and lived in Marion until she was twelve years of age. For the City of Marion’s Intangible Heritage workshop, Margaret brought in a beautiful watercolour original that was passed down to her from her auntie.

Although the artist and origins of the piece are unknown, the name Leslie Rhile was written and partially etched in cursive on the reverse side of the painting.

Above: Margaret’s enigmatic heirloom (photographed by author with permission)

I asked Margaret what sort of connection she shared with this particular church (pictured) and she pointed to the property fence on the lower right hand corner of the image: she used to live there!

Margaret recalls living next door to the church and what that meant for her as a child. If someone was engaged in the community there would be a campfire and singing around the fire. Both Margaret’s grandmother and mother were very involved with the church, perhaps explaining how the picture ended up with her auntie. Margaret says a lot of community cohesiveness came from the church’s organisation.

Above: Margaret recalls fond memories of living next to the church

Even without the details on the artist and origins of the image, the artwork is richly symbolic and representative of Margaret’s family history with the local church. Thank you, Margaret.

Nessa Beasley

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