Oaklands Estate: An Overview

Directed Study Blog Post 1

This semester I have been working on a Directed Study in conjunction with the Marion Council to assess the archaeological potential of the former site of Oaklands Estate. This estate was one of the original grand homesteads of South Australia located off Oaklands Road. The estate was built in 1844 by Samuel Kearne and has since been owned by both the Crozier and Pethick families.

The once vast estate was unfortunately subject to two compulsory purchase orders by the State Government: the first in the early 1940s acquired a large portion of the estates land for the construction of the Warradale Army Base, and the second in the 1950s acquired the rest of the property for the purposes of building a new hospital in the South. This planned hospital (Flinders Hospital) was instead relocated to its current Bedford Park location, and the Oaklands Estate site was destroyed to make way for a wetland development instead.

With the exception of a small plot of grapevines, none of the original property is left visible today; it is likely that some still exists as archaeological deposits. The house itself is most likely currently buried under a bitumen car-park which could mean that there is a well preserved archaeological deposit there.

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