Blog Post 2 for CHM Practicum

The Australian Cultural Heritage Management Office, 446 South Road, Marleston

The Office and the Field

While completing my Practicum at Australian Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd I have noticed there are times when the office is nearly empty. Where is everyone? Out in the field of course! Everyone I have asked all agree that the field is so much more fun. But, there is still a lot of paperwork and research that must go on in the office. I have been lucky enough to experience both worlds but at the moment – I am going to focus on the office. “Why?!” you shriek, “We archaeologists belong in the field!” I believe you have all underrated the office. It seems like a pretty relaxed environment. You should see the scanner, all you have to do is press a few buttons and then just watch your documents go through. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the luxury coffee machine!

Many important skills are learnt and repeatedly honed in the office, such as writing reports, letters, tender responses and cost estimates. It seems you also become pretty fluent in legislation, which is definitely important. I have had a great time scanning field journals and hard copy documents and seeing how the whole system works. It’s also amazing how much you can learn about a place when all the documents regarding it are neatly organised.

The moral of this post: don’t hate on the office, without it you wouldn’t gain or improve your skills. You will miss out on a wealth of information…- and some pretty good coffee.

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