Inductions: Everyone’s Gotta Do ‘Em

Inductions: Everyone’s Gotta do ‘Em

I chose the Practicum as an elective in my Graduate Diploma in Cultural Heritage Management, and was placed with Australian Cultural Heritage Management Pty Ltd (ACHM).

I undertook approximately three inductions in my first two days. My first was for Geographical Information Systems (GIS), where I learnt all about the types of GPS units used, programs such as ArcGIS, what points, lines and polygons are and even got to make my own map, complete with symbols, a legend and a scale. My second induction was for ACHM’s Anthropology Section, and during the session I (along with other staff who attended) were able to learn more about how anthropologists work. Topics discussed included creation stories and how they fit into anthropology, the definition of ethnography and associated sites, what anthropologists do and methods of cultural respect.

My final induction was a training session on identifying stone tools. Many ACHM staff also attended this session. It involved identifying the various diagnostic traits of stone tools, such as the dorsal and ventral surfaces, the platform, and the bulb of percussion. We practiced filling out a Lithic Recording Sheet, which required us to look closely for particular details. I found that the people working at ACHM undertook inductions and training on a regular basis, in order to keep their knowledge and understanding up to date. After observing these inductions I believe that it is an extremely important practice for a workplace to offer.

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