The search for the fabled data

Blog post 2

Adrian Fenech

I have started entering rockshelter data into the Excel spreadsheet and have found that the database is not going to be as useful I hoped it would be. This is because not all of the texts that I have found contain the data needed. The information on rock shelters in these texts varies greatly in quantity, which sometimes depends on the purpose of the project.  In one report,  three rock shelters were observed but not described, other than their rough locations and the fact that they exist. Rockshelter names were not mentioned in the report, which can be attributed to the fact that the survey was primarily concerned with other site types.

Other reports focus on the excavation of rock shelters but do not include all of the useful information, such as rockshelter dimensions. With information like this missing, it will be difficult for archaeologists to use the database to assist in rock shelter identification. I understood I would run into this problem at some point because of the number of reports and publications that had to, and will, be searched, but hopefully enough information will be given in the future to make the database useful.

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