Making Sense of the Winchelsea Stone Artefact Collection- Post 3

By Sam Hedditch- Graduate Diploma of Archaeology student.

This is my third post concerning the collection of material from the Winchelsea collection. The collection is being cared for and analysed by Flinders University and I am assisting in that role.

Recently I have made some great progress where I have completed the analysis of all of the stone material that is in the collection. This took some quite long and draining afternoons of recording in the lab to complete, though now the data is available it is all worthwhile.

My next goal is to begin to write this data into an excel spreadsheet that will complete some basic analytical equations on certain attributes of the stone tools including:

  • Platform area size (length*width)
  • Overall flake dimension (length*width*thickness)
  • maximum nos. of cores, flakes,
  • Categories of tools according to raw materials and locations

When all of this is completed, I will assess the information and ensure that it is accurate and consider if there are any more opportunities to glean more information from the collection before finalising the results in my final report.

Some of the remaining goals I hope to achieve are to give a thorough background to amateur collection of the 1960-70s how this affects the collection in particular and possibly lay the foundation for a publication on this topic. I also plan to complete some accurate illustrations and some photos for my favourite and most distinctive artefacts.

Until next time, my work will continue, so much information to be gained from these artefacts!

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