A Common Thread: Archaeology as a Business

Will Hocking

This is my second post for the Cultural Heritage Practicum topic.

Even though the aim of a post-graduate degree is to prepare you for employment, it is still a large leap going from university into a functioning company or business. In university, you develop certain beliefs or ideologies that kind of establish themselves as part of your world view. These ideals are personal and represent you as an individual, and in a university environment, you are free and often encouraged to communicate them.

I like to think of a university as something like a piece of string. From afar, it looks as though the string is a single object, but when you look closer, you find that it is comprised of many fibres or ideas and, more importantly, there is no common fibre or idea running through it.

I have noticed that within companies or businesses, there is a common fibre that runs through the piece of string, and that is the bottom line. No matter what you are working on, you always have to keep in mind that you are working within an environment that relies on effective invoicing and proper management of finances. This ensures that all of the other parts associated with heritage consultancy, the stuff that we do learn in university, can be completed on time for the client.

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