Mannum boat recording

Hello from Mannum on the river. We are here recording small river watercraft for Phyllis Coxhill’s Honours thesis project. So far we’ve taken the lines off both the port and starboard sides and are taking scantling measurements of timbers. It’s been a challenge trying to measure the boat with another boat over our heads. Lots of bumps on our heads.

The two boats in the photograph are called punts. They’d be used for travelling and fishing and other activities. They are flat-bottomed with no keel and have a hard chine. The interesting bits are the repairs and alterations made during its working life. We’ll be looking for and recording those too.


3 responses to “Mannum boat recording

  1. jordanralph

    Awesome! I would like to hear more!

  2. The punt that we were recording was donated to the “Mannum Dock Museum of River History.” We were advised that it was a fishing boat belonging to the benefactor’s father. Wear patterns and evidence of repair work suggest that the boat was in use for quite some time. By knowing which bits and pieces are younger or older we can trace the changes made to the punt over time. Upon returning to work after a break, new details would suddenly pop-out. Some random feature, that was passed over several times throughout the day, became a possible answer to a lingering question – a clue. The museum itself houses an interesting collection of materials documenting the history of the Murray River. We weren’t able to access the archives this time around but are hoping to come across some historical photographs or records, in the future, to back our findings.

  3. Interesting! It would be good to practice the drawing of ships lines some more after practicing during the Master Class!