Welcome to the new Flinders Archaeology Blog!

Welcome everyone!

Many of you will be aware that for the past few years the Flinders University Archaeology Department has maintained a small blog. Late last year, we decided to move it to a new home here at Flindersarchaeology.com.  Although we’ve imported all of our old content, we’ve significantly changed the look and feel of the blog and it will be operated a little differently. In this post, we want to outline the purpose of the new site, highlight some of its key features and take some time to encourage you all to to think about how you might be able to contribute.

We have developed this site as an information hub for existing and potential students, community members, industry partners and others who have an interest in our activities. We hope that it will be of particular value to existing students who want to build their own online portfolio of work and for distance students who want to become more involved in the archaeology community at Flinders. Industry and community partners are also very important to us and so we hope that the new blog will allow you to find out more about our activities and to promote the projects and opportunities that you or  your organisation is involved in.

Your feedback and input is also very important to us. Commenting is entirely open and we welcome ideas or suggestions about particular articles or the site in general. You can contact us directly through our contact form, or you can share you thoughts and provide feedback using our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We have made some significant changes to the blog site.  Foremost among these is that we’ve created a set of editorial guidelines that will be used to maintain high standards on the site. We want this blog to look professional and to reflect the high standard of work produced by staff and students in the Archaeology Department. As such, all blog content will be reviewed by one of two editors: Dr Jennifer McKinnon and myself, both members of Academic Staff. You can read the guidelines yourself here. Another idea we’ve implemented is to appoint a Student Editor for the year. Archaeology Honours student Jordan Ralph has been working on cleaning up some of our imported posts and will soon turn his attention to a range of other tasks including writing and soliciting new articles.

As noted,  one reason for refreshing the blog is to showcase our activities. We therefore want people to contribute to our blog: students, staff, industry partners and even community members who want to get a message out to our readers. If you are interested in writing a post, then perhaps drop one of the Editors a line and we will be able to help.

Many people are unfamiliar with blogging and may find it difficult to get started. With that in mind we’ve written a series of short guides to help new users to create an account and to write a blog post. Of course, if you don’t plan to write anything just now, you might want to read our guide on how to keep up to date with blog updates. We don’t want you to miss a thing!

We are very conscious of ‘information overload’ so please be assured we will keep the number of posts here to no more than five per week. There are a range of other initiatives that we’re working on and that we’ll introduce throughout the year. Stay tuned for details!

Finally, we’ve already had our first new post go up: Pete Colvin has written a great article about his experiences on the Mount Dutton Maritime Archaeology Fieldschool.

We hope you enjoy the new blog. If you have any ideas (or concerns) please do comment or drop us a line. If you have previously written for the old blog and your post(s) appear here, create an account so that we can acknowledge your work!

Dr Mick  Morrison
Dr Jennifer McKinnon


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