Archaeology of Australian Stone Tools practical test

No, it wasn’t an exam, it was an in-class test …… but still, graduate students in ARCH8517 The Archaeology of Australian Stone Artefacts had to have their lithic thinking caps on, to identify and record the key features of a set of previously unseen artefacts last week for the final class in this topic.  An unofficial part of the test was to compose a limerick on the subject of lithics (not marked of course).  Here are some highlights.

From left to right:  Teagan Miller, Adi Saunders, Clare von Maltzahn and Claire Keating
Stone tools are pieces of rock
That once were subjected to shock
Which caused them to break
In a well-defined flake
As can be done with well-frozen choc

(By Jon Marshallsay, inspired by a discussion about knapping chocolate).

The class:  Adi Saunders, Jon Marshallsay, Alice Gorman, Claire Keating, Matthew Ebbs, unnamed lithic enthusiast, Teagan Miller and Veronica Davis.

On a survey once Clare found a core
And though she would like to find more
While in the museum
She thought she could see’em
And fell in a faint on the floor

(By Alice Gorman, unaware that Clare did indeed get a bit over-excited about cores)

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