Honours theses 2010 – the big day!

John Hayward:  the crowning moment.

On Monday 25th October, Heidi Pitman and John Hayward had the usual run of printing problems, lack of sleep and stress to get their honours theses to the department on time.  John’s thesis was an analysis of the concept of the “toolkit” in Australian lithics, using collections in the South Australian Museum, while Heidi investigated the use of spinifex resin through ethnography and museum collections.  Congratulations to both of them!  Expect to see their abstracts in Australian Archaeology soon, and when examination is complete, the theses will be available on the Flinders University Department of Archaeology website.

Big thanks also to Dr Lynley Wallis (Queensland University) and Dr Keryn Walshe (South Australian Museum) for their assistance to Heidi and John respectively!

John Hayward and Dr Alice Gorman (supervisor)
Dr Alice Gorman (supervisor) and Heidi Pitman
Heidi: can it really be over and do I have to wear this tiara?  Alice:  yes, yes you do.

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