CHM Practicum update: WAC mail out

Hi all,

Just a quick note to tell you about the work I have been doing as part of my cultural heritage practicum with the World Archaeological Congress (WAC). As you may remember, I have been working with Ashley Sands on the Global Libraries Program. Just to remind you of what Global Libraries Program is: The Global Libraries Program aims to develop the archaeological literary collections of low income institutions. By supporting these libraries, the program hopes to assist students and professionals of archaeology and cultural heritage management, by providing academic resources to help their study or work. There are currently 45 libraries across the globe.
My task as part of the practicum was to conduct a mailout of over one thousand books and journals to 43 countries. I did this mail out independently but surprisingly, it didn’t take that long to do. Ashley Sands provided me with a list that described which books had to be sent to each country, so from there I began organising the books. My methods were quite simple, organise the books, stuff them in an envelope, attach the neccessary documentation, seal, stamp etc. Any remaining books were sent back to Ashley Sands in Los Angeles.
Two main issues arose whilst completing this mail out. Firstly, where could I store the books and the envelopes during the prac? And how were we going to pay for postage? I stored most of the books in the Map Room and in Hum 112. I also used these spaces to organise the books and prepare the packages. The issue of postage is yet to be resolved. I was allocated a postage budget but the total cost of postage far exceeded what I was allocated. I guess I’ll have to keep to posted on what happens with that.
Hope you’re all well and good luck with exams and assignments!

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