Lower Murray Archaeological Project (LMAP), Stone Artefact Analysis: Blog Two

Hey everyone!!
Thought I should update you on how my directed study is going so far. Well with two weeks until it’s time to hand it up, I’ve been very busy. My last blog was huge so I promise this one will be smaller.

For those who have been hanging around the labs lately, I’m sure you would have noticed me floating around. Yesterday I took all my photographs for the report, with the help of John.

Also since I blogged last time, I have been doing the majority of recordings for the Glen Lossie Midden and Burial site and started doing the data analysis a few weeks ago.

In order to record this assemblage in detail, it was necessary to create a data matrix in a database. This would allow for the appropriate information to be recorded. The main categories of observation, were related to physical characteristics and functional characteristics, which if anyone has recorded lithics, which I’m sure you all have, know how time-consuming it is.

I periodically worked through the spits, starting at one until seven and the lithics were individually examined and the observations mentioned above were recorded. Electronic calipers were used to take the measurements where applicable, a scale was used to take individual artefact weights in grams and a protractor was used to measure the flakes platform angle. Other attributes were measured manually with the naked eye using a light.

Every lithic was assigned an artefacts number, which corresponded to the database recording. Once they were recorded they were bagged and tagged with similar lithics, in their appropriate spit.

So far my results are indicating some very interesting use patterns for different materials and by my next blog, I should be able to give you guys a great overview of my results and conclusions. So stay tuned!!

Shannon Smith

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