ARCH8307 “Introductory Archaeological Geophysics” 2010

Thank you to all of my intrepid students who finish up their ARCH8307 “Introductory Archaeological Geophysics” topic this afternoon by presenting the data they have collected from the historic Meadows Wesleyan cemetery in the Adelaide Hills. The students, split in two groups entitled “The A Team” and “The Sextons”, collected, processed and interpreted ground penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction and magnetometer data to try to locate the foundations of the former church and some of the more than 50 unmarked burials know the exist within this cemetery. Students also were fortunate to be able to assist Flinders PhD candidate Martin Wimmer by searching for an air raid shelter in Souter Park, Goodwood. The investigations are still a bit inconclusive, but our preliminary interpretation is that a feature did exist on this site however any material used for it’s construction has now been removed.

As usual in this subject, all member of the class made fantastic contributions reflecting their diverse backgrounds and brought great enthusiasm to their group work and the in-class discussions. We also had fantastic support from guest lecturers Dave Ross (Tron Civil), Martin Wimmer (Flinders Uni), Peter Johinke (Ultimate Positioning) and Harald Hauschild (Softscan). We also were supported with equipment by Ecophyte Technologies Pty Ltd. Groundprobe Geophysics have come on board as in industry partner for the subject in 2010 by very kindly supporting an annual prize of $250 for the student who receives the highest mark annually in ARCH8307.

Everyone is welcome to join us in Humanities 113 at 3pm this afternoon to watch the presentations and to enjoy some refreshments. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at for any more information about this topic.

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