Grampians- Gariwerd Directed Study

Well it’s over. Presentations were completed yesterday, and it’s time to hand up the final report. All I can think to share with you all this week is this…

When you are focusing on a site, turn around and enjoy the landscape. The significance of the sites that archaeologists investigate is also tied up in the surrounding environment, not in just that particular location.

And … Always sort out permits before your start your research.

Finally, I just wanted to thank the Traditional Owners. Gariwerd is a vibrant landscape that is just starting to show the extent of its use in prehistoric times and I would encourage anyone who gains permission to study and investigate it more.

Also, large amounts of thanks to: Emily Jateff (you are amazing), Dr. Michael Westaway, Dr. Heather Burke, and Dr. Alice Gorman from Flinders University. Mike Stevens and Suzy Skurrie from Parks Victoria (Grampians- Gariwerd). The team at AAV, and also the amazing staff from Collections at the British Museum and The Australian National Museum.

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