Grampians- Gariwerd Directed Study

It is week two on the quest for information. I have been directed to Melbourne and to Aboriginal Affairs Victoria to access the register of information regarding the Archaeological and Cultural sites in Gariwerd (Grampians). Although I had not heard back from the AAV team about accessing the register, I took the leap, found four open days in my schedule and headed off to the big metropolis of Melbourne. After a few days, panic set in as I had not heard anything. Then on the third day I received a phone call that said that I was granted access. The AAV team was great, they showed me (someone who is computer challenged) the ways to navigate the register and took a couple of hours of their own time to help me gather the information that I needed. It would have taken me days without their help! It was great how it all came together and fell into place. I really owe the team at Aboriginal Affairs Victoria a big thank you. Now I have most of the information that I will need to complete my project. It’s funny how things just work out sometimes.

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