PHR02 – update

Hi everybody!

The directed study is coming to an end and the stress is kicking in. I’ve been writing bits and pieces and learning the art of artefact photography…I have a long way to go.
My research is becoming really interesting, and is dealing with the controversy of the deaccession and disposal of artefact collections. No archaeological standard for these actions exists, and I’ve been struggling to find a relevant case study to use as a guide.
My archaeological collection is in really poor condition, 98% of it has corroded or deteriorated in some way. This collection is a portion of the artefacts collected from the 2002 excavations at Polish Hill River, the rest was deaccessioned years ago. Neither the property owner from Polish Hill River nor the local historical societies want the collection returned, and Flinders University is unable to hold onto the collection long-term, my only option is to deaccession. But how?
How do you determine ethical disposal when no guidelines or standards exist?
Stay tuned.

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