Directed Study- Randell Park

Hey Everyone,

I have been thinking a lot about time lately, and as time goes by I have found that my stress levels regarding my project are rising. Nevertheless, even if my worst fears are realised and I end up crashing and burning, I will limp away with a vital lesson learned. That lesson is that there is a big difference between extensive research and effective research. Furthermore, I have gathered that time, or to put it more correctly, limited time, only magnifies this difference.

To demonstrate this, examine the following equation:

Tp = Tr + Tw

Where Tp is the time allocated for the project, which is equal to the sum of the time for research (Tr) and the time to write it all up (Tw). If Tp is constant, then the values of Tr and Tw are dependant on each other.

I began thinking about this in the first week of the mid-semester break, when I went to the state archives and there spent two days recording all of the tenders that were accepted by one of the past owners of Randell Park, the piece of land where I am conducting my survey. I was pleased with my results, as I had gathered a lot of information.

On the Wednesday of that week, I presented the results to my industry partner, like a cat with a dead mouse. while it was remarked that the information was useful, I was reminded that I only had a limited amount of time for the project, and if I was to conduct all of my research in such a manner, I would simply have no time left to collate it all and produce a coherent piece of work.

With a project of this nature, you have to find a balance so that Tr does not end up equal to Tp.

Thanks. Will Hocking.

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