Directed Studies: Project update

Hey Guys, hope your DS projects are going well.

Got back recently from mid-term break only to realise that I am very behind on work! My first draft is due this Friday and my report is nowhere near where I wanted it to be. I have started the introduction, literature review and methods, but these sections are still really basic and need a lot more work, especially my literature review. I’ve never done a literature review before and I’m not sure whether I’ve written it correctly, in terms of format and content. The part of the project that I am struggling with the most is determining an assessment criteria by which I can assess the preservation of my collection. My results and discussion section will mainly focus on this preservation analysis of the artefacts. I think this problem might have something to do with my literature review. The literature I have consulted mainly focus on the collection management of ceramic artefacts. I am yet to find any literature that specifically analyses and assesses metal artefacts. I’m not sure whether I should use a technique from the literature or if I should formulate my own criteria. I don’t think I am experienced enough to formulate my own, especially when the fate of this collection depends on it.
I think I need to spend this week working on my literature review, finding the resources I need that address the preservation of metal artefacts, get the lab work done, and start writing the results/discussion sections of my report. It’s going to be a full on week!

Hope everyone had a great break and good luck with your drafts!!


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