Directed Studies- Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division

Hi all,

This is my first ever blog post! This semester I am undertaking a Directed Study Project with Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division (AARD) of the South Australian Government.

AARD currently run a non-tertiary heritage training program for Aboriginal communities. My project will be a critical assessment of the AARD training program along with training programs from other states. The primary aim of this project is to produce some options for possible directions or development possibilities of the training program.

So far, I have undertaken some preliminary reading of the AARD program and identified a program in Victoria. This weekend I plan to get somebody with no Archaeology or Cultural Heritage Management (CHM) background to go through the resources which are used on the program. This is to identify any colloquialism and possible areas that may be hard to understand. My theory is that individuals attending the training programs may come from different literacy levels. Furthermore, the students most likely will not have a great understanding of any archaeological/CHM terms or colloquialism. Therefore, I feel it necessary that the resources used are appropriate for a wider audience.

I must say that I have been feeling overwhelmed by the size and I guess the professionalism of this project. However, since meeting with Emily Jateff yesterday I feel more calm and in control.

Good luck to those others doing a Directed Studies project.



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