CHM Practicum with the World Archaeological Congress – Semester 1

Hi all,

As part of my CHM practicum I am working with the World Archaeological Congress (WAC). I will be working within the Global Libraries Program, maintaining the Global Library at Flinders Uni and helping out the Global Libraries Program Committee.
The Global Libraries Program aims to develop the archaeological literary collections of low income institutions. Supporting such libraries will assist archaeological and cultural heritage management students and professionals to undertake and excel at their study and work. There are currently 50 libraries from 40 different countries receiving donations.
My first task with the committee was to research the possibility of opening a Global Library in Gaza. This consisted of researching the area and understanding the current academic needs and limitations. I investigated this by tracking down local archaeologists for their views/opinions of the program, their need for a library, as well as community groups and universities (again to assess academic needs and limitations), and trying to find a safe location for the library itself. My second task with the Global Libraries Program is to research international copyright/intellectual property laws, to see whether Global Libraries are legally able to upload and distribute journal articles, e-books and other academic materials throughout their libraries, without infringing any international or domestic copyright laws. This has been an interesting task!
I am really happy to be working with WAC. I hope that my work can contribute or be helpful to WAC in some way. What I hope to gain from this practicum is some insight into how an international organisation such as WAC functions, how a program such as the Global Libraries Program can aid and impact global communities, and overall gain some workplace experience and improve my research skills.
If you’re interested in finding out more about WAC or the Global Libraries Program, visit
Good luck with your studies!!

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