Final blog for semester

It is hard to believe that the semester is all but over. It has been quite a challenge completing two subjects this semester while working a two week on, two week off roster as an archaeologist. This semester has ensured that I have honed my time management skills and kept the procrastinating to the barest minimum, something I must admit I do not always have under control. The most difficult thing has been the shear exhaustion of working a 10 hour day in the field, then possibly 1 – 2 hours of paperwork back in my room at the end of the day. No time for assignments when I am in the field. When it is time for my two weeks off, it is very difficult to get stuck into the books and complete assignments, all I want to do is sleep and not have to think. Not good when you have a mass of readings and assignments to do.

Studying distance education is also a challenge. It can be invaluable as you can fit your schedule around other commitments, but it is a very lonely way of studying. Just having other students to bounce ideas off of, to complain about assignments too and just basically for companionship of someone who is going through the same dramas that you are, is one of the things that I have missed most this semester. I had never really appreciated before just how much the other students had contributed to my enjoyment and understanding of the subjects I was studying, how much I miss the whole university experience. It certainly has been a very different perspective of university life.

Don’t get me wrong, to complete my Diploma of CHM by distance eduction has been an absolute blessing. Without the option of doing so, I would probably not have worried about ever finishing it. This way I get to work in the field I have been studying so hard to get into and I get to finish my degree at the same time. For people who can not get to classes it is fantastic, but it can also be very insular which is something that those thinking about doing classes by distance education should be aware of.

Well best of luck everyone with your results and I hope you all got as much out of your Directed Studies as I did.

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