What a second semester it has been! The last few months have gone by in a blur with the research work needed for my ‘ethnohistory of Tea Tree Gully’ project. It is amazing the effects of focussing on one area for quite some time can have on a person too. Now it is difficult for me to look around Adelaide and Tea Tree Gully’s landscape and not imagine Kaurna people living traditionally among the beautiful vegetation plains. It has also made me think more on a daily basis, of the effects that colonisation has had on Kaurna people.

In general it has increased my awareness of the need to include Indigenous histories, stories and culture into education systems. I think it should be viewed as an important part of Australian history lessons given in primary schools so that children grow up knowing how special the land is to Indigenous people and are taught respect for Aboriginal culture.

I have enjoyed this topic, both for its challenges and rare insights into the historical literature necessary for the report. Tomorrow marks the end of the topic and the beginning of research presentations. Goodluck everyone!

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