Done and Dusted

Whew! It took a lot of work but I too am celebrating with the rest of the Directed Studies gang! We got to hand up our work on Monday! Now all that’s left is the poster and presentation on Friday! (ah!)

Fern Avenue has been an interesting ride. From sorting out thirteen boxes of all sorts of materials to meeting with the Unley Museum and Community Gardens Group, what has been found? Significance wise: The collection has lots of local significance for the Community Gardens. To them it represents the history of their Gardens and they feel a strong connection to the folks that worked all those long hours to make some of the best jam in Adelaide (apparently!)
The collection itself is not in the best of shape so the Community Gardens Group has decided to take control of the entire lot and incorporate it into a landscape plan next to the remains of the factory. Some of the metal, glass and ceramic artefacts will be incorporated into some paving and a mosaic of the Fullarton Jam Factory logo. A few of the more fragile and interesting artefacts such as the toy car and bone handled toothbrush will go in cabinets on display in the area. The rest of the material will be reburied on the site of the 2000 excavations.

I think this is a fantastic end to the project. Being able to return an archaeological collection to its original context is something that should happen more often! People are running out of room and time to study collections so why not return them to where they came from? With proper documentation in place, there is no reason why they cannot be re-excavated in the future and studied.

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