Report finished!

This Monday came with somewhat of a relief, with semester two Directed Studies reports handed up. The prior few weeks have been a scramble to make final searches, interpret and write sections of the report, whilst still making sense 9-10,000 words in.

The most difficult aspect of this report’s journey (apart from writing it!)was probably the realization and gradual acceptance, that whatever findings were gained, it was in fact something to report. It was a long, slow, slog trying to find information about Kaurna people, sites and experiences of settlement in the Tea Tree Gully area, but thankfully (amid the piles of mostly dead ends), there were some indicators.

Without revealing too much from my research project’s results, some interesting clues about the relationship between the settlers and Kaurna of Tea Tree Gully during the settlement period were found, along with sites of known Kaurna occupation and use of the land.

There was some archival material that shocked me a little early on, but the further I searched, the more common such accounts seemed for their time and provided more of an insight into views of the period than anything else. My favourite findings would have to be the local reminiscences from individuals of pioneer families. Personal reflections that mention Kaurna people in Tea Tree Gully during this period were so scarce that good or bad, the memories provided a unique look into settlement life and the events of colonisation.

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