Coming To The End!

Well, nearly there! This semester has been a challenge! I have also had severe technical difficulties which is the reason for my lack of blogs.
Anyway…Fern Avenue has certainly been interesting!

After searching through 13 boxes of excavated materials I was a bit disappointed to see that the condition of most of the artefacts wasn’t great. It was also from a few different time periods and not all related to the site! (Like the little car!)

Originally dug by Jody Steele and Tim Owen who organised it as a public archaeology dig, the contents of the boxes were definitely¬†varied. There are pieces missing from the collection, there are a variety of different labels and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of plan to what was collected. There are a few bits of plastic that some Year 3 children¬†excitedly bagged!

Although it appears to be a bit of a mish-mashed collection, it will be very interesting to assess its significance and hopefully be able to repatriate some or all to the Unley Museum or the Community Gardens.

One response to “Coming To The End!

  1. >Heh, I think my friend (with the 3 sons) has a whole bunch of artefacts like this one at the bottom of her garden. I dont suppose they are very valuable tho…