Pine Park

I’m another member of the Tea Tree Gully Gang, and my focus is on Pine Park which is a small spot, right on the border of suburban Adelaide and the Hills, at the top of Main North East Road before it turns into a twisty, hilly road. The park contains a range of interesting features, both natural and built. Pine Park is a bit bigger than the other suburban parks in the area, but nowhere near as big as the Anstey Hill Park across the road from it, and some of its features include a small, local heritage listed pine plantation, a sizeable section of eucalyptus trees, a creek and some old council chambers.

The council chamber building was the first purpose-built chamber in South Australia, and is on the state heritage register. It was built from locally quarried stone, and is still in use by the local CFS.

At the bottom of the park is a lush section of grass which is watered all year round by a spring-fed creek, and this is probably my favourite feature of the park. The springs were an important part of why the township started up in this spot; they were the waterhole at the end of a hard journey either up or down, by horse or bullock train. The road that runs alongside the park is the original road out of Adelaide and up into that section of the Hills. The park is part of the old villageĀ of Steventon, the main features of which are still visible today. The area was, and still is, a beautiful spot, and picnics around here were a popular pastime back in the early days of the colony. Whether you are looking for a calm, green breath of fresh air or an opportunity to wander around some of the state’s oldest buildings, it is still a great picnic spot today.

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