Final days of internship!!

After a hiatus of around two months, OzArk and I have now been able to find time for me to complete the last two days of my internship. It was decided that, as most of the placement up to now had involved fieldwork and report writing, the last days should focus on office-based tasks.

Last week’s primary job was preparation for a project OzArk will undertake in the far north of NSW in September / October. The project will assess Indigenous archaeology along a proposed Electricity Transmission Line (ETL) re-route. As the Study Area covers approximately 200 km, it was necessary to determine which Indigenous stakeholder groups had an interest in each component of the project. OzArk had previously contacted the relevant stakeholder groups for initial responses and my task was to map each group’s jurisdictional boundaries. This involved using the Aboriginal Lands Council / NSW Government map showing Aboriginal Land Council boundaries in conjunction with topographic maps and a NSW rural roads directory. The result of this work was that I identified 4 relevant LALCs, 1 relevant Native Title claim, and 1 relevant Aboriginal Corporation Land Council from Queensland. Additional parties have also been identified with a potential interest in various sections of the Study Area.
This week’s primary task was to re-draft the significance and Statement of Heritage Impact (SOHI) components of a survey report previously conducted by OzArk. Due to complications arising from a potential impact on a State Heritage listed bridge (owned by a different organisation to the proponent – hence the complication), OzArk now had to determine whether the potential impact of altered bridge function (decommissioned as vehicle bridge, adaptive reuse as pedestrian bridge) was significant enough to warrant a SOHI. As the bridge would in fact remain a thoroughfare, albeit to a lesser degree, it was felt that this changed function warranted a SOHI but was not a detrimental impact and the project would not need to be constrained by a need for a permit to destroy (there will be no physical impact to the bridge under the proposal).
I have now finished my internship at OzArk and will soon blog my overall reflections on the placement as a whole.

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