Directed Study Project Begins

So projects have been chosen for the semester two Directed Studies programme and I am excited to have my very own research project: ‘The ethnohistory of Kaurna people in the Tea Tree Gully area’. I think the subject will be very interesting to learn about and I am pretty eager to be able to contribute something positive to the record of Indigenous histories for the area and in general.

I have since begun my official hunt for sources of relevant literature and information about the subject and will be visiting the Tea Tree Gully area this weekend with fellow directed studies students to gain a good idea of where local history sources are located and what some of the local highlights are. I think this day trip will be useful for subsequent research for my project which will no doubt require additional trips to the local history library in order to complete it.

I am wary of just how much work needs to be completed for this project but I’m viewing it as more of a positive opportunity to be part of such an exciting programme with ‘real’ study outcomes. One week in and full of steam!

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