Spear Throwers

Thanks to all who arrived with enthusiasm at the Graduate Programs in Archaeology and CHM presentation night on Friday. With plenty of food and drink, the night went off without any problems and knowledge was to be gained by all. The presentations were all different in topics which made the night more interesting. The questions were not as scary as they could have been and some intriguing concepts were presented. The idea of weight balanced spear throwers is something I had not considered, and as suggested, some places have harsher environments that require specific use of the spear thrower. I felt form was a good way of comparing the adult ones to the toys as I previously had no knowledge of spear throwers and thought there may have been differences. There is not. In fact, the whole process was rewarding as I had no knowledge of Indigenous children and play, nor on spear throwers. Thanks to my fellow directed study peers, Alice Gorman and Dr Keryn Walshe.

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