Directed Studies: Mitcham Police Station Artefact Analysis #4 (Final Post)

The completion of this project has bought with it a wave of relief, but also some apprehension as to whether or not my research has been thorough enough. Like all projects more time and better resources are given limitations. Yet, at the same time the opportunity for further and more specialist research is usually always an option.

Suggestions for further research include;
-Special analysis of the domestic faunal remains in order to establish meat cuts and possibly status;
-Further analysis of selected artefacts could produce manufacturing dates and therefore contribute to possible depositional processes on the site;
-The location of the external rubbish dump in the car park of the police station would yield more artefacts and a greater understanding of domestic life in early 20th century Mitcham.

With relief and apprehension also comes a sense of pride in knowing I have completed a 57 page artefact analysis report, something I have never attempted before. With the written report complete, my poster printed and presentation prepared the only thing left to do is build up enough courage to deliver my presentation ‘with out any hitches’. Presentations are a common element to any archaeology topic. This presentation, however, is unlike any I have given before. This is simply because I am presenting new data and applying theories to a site which has not yet been reported on. I will also be presenting in front of industry partners and non-classmates, also something I have not done before.

Over all this project has provided me with an insight into the complexities of artefact analysis, and further developed an understanding of the impact excavation and artefact reports have on the future of sites.


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