The Ten Oldest Buildings in Melrose Park, Part III.

Hello again,

This is my third blog post, and I am happy to say that my Directed Study report has been submitted. All that remains now is a presentation and poster, which are well on the way, thankfully.

My report has evolved since my last blog post. I began researching the ten oldest buildings in Melrose Park, and was eventually able to find construction dates for the buildings I was investigating. I ended up with eleven buildings in total, and another property is briefly highlighted in my report, as it was impossible to find a construction date. Judging by the architectural reading and analysis undertaken as part of this project I was able to give a broad date range for the construction of this building based on its design.

The oldest building found during this research is an old stable building, which is now used as a storage facility. The stables are thought to have been constructed during the 1860s or 1870s, I was unable to find a secure date for their construction. This building is the oldest one of the suburb found in this study. The next oldest building is the original building of the Edwardstown Primary School, which was built in 1898. There were six buildings identified all along the same road, which were built in 1900, these buildings are very similar in their design and construction. Today, three of these properties are privately owned, while the other three are business premises. The last three buildings identified were built in 1905. They are also of a similar design, although they vary in the construction materials.


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