The Nigerian Space Program Part 2…

So somehow it’s already the beginning of June, and I’m almost finished my study!!!

For those who missed my last post, my name is Julia and I have been working toward a directed study on the Nigerian Space Programme as part of my Masters in Cultural Heritage Management.

The aim is to find and assess all artefacts, sites and places associated with the programme. Obviously I can’t get on a plane and go to Africa, so most of my research has been internet based. Little has been written on the program thus far, so it’s kind of like putting a jigsaw puzzle together – and the puzzle just keeps getting bigger!!!

So far I have found six centres which were established to further the programme in all areas, including technology and education. I have assessed these as sites or places related to the space programme. I have also established Nigeria’s two launched satellites, NigeriaSat-1 and NigComSat-1 to be artefacts significant to the program.

My next step is to create significance statements for these sites, places and artefacts. Something I will attempt to do using the Burra Charter and understandings of historic, aesthetic, scientific and social significance.

Stay tuned!

Julia :)

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