Heritage of Space

Well things have been progressing quite nicely since the last time I posted here. My worldwide study of the protection of space heritage sites has now been reduced to looking at 14! On the plus side at least there are 14 nations that have online registers.

I’ve have searched all of the registers I could find, and if I can venture my personal opinion, the best one would probably be the one used by the USA, all the sites are split by category, or architect or location, whereas most other countries either have a LONG list of sites or only a keyword search engine which, unless you guess the right wording for the type of site you are looking for, makes my kind of searching rather difficult.

The downside that I have found is that most of the countries with large amounts of heritage sites, mainly the USA and UK, have not got complete records online, the USA hasn’t got around to digitising all of the paper ones, and the UK only has a handful of counties online. This means my worldwide search is now an incomplete search of a dozen countries….. Oh well, I suppose this is what happens.

Also out of the tens of millions of sites that can be found on all of these registers, the number of ones which have a space significance can be counted on one hand……. I get the feeling national governments do not place a high significance on these types of sites.


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