The Ten Oldest Buildings in Melrose Park

Hi everyone, my name is Amy, and I am currently enrolled in the Directed Study topic with Dr Alice Gorman. My project involves identifying and researching the ten oldest buildings in a suburb within the City of Mitcham, South Australia.

My industry partner for this project is Maggy Ragless, the Community Historian of the Mitcham Heritage Research Centre. Maggy has been extremely helpful, and is a wealth of local knowledge. I met with Maggy to determine which suburb I was interested in researching. I had several options, and decided to research the suburb of Melrose Park. Relatively little research regarding this suburb has been conducted in the past, and this project is an excellent opportunity to improve our local knowledge.

The initial phase of the project involved systematic fieldwork around the streets of Melrose Park. Each building, in every street was evaluated in the field for its possible age. This assessment was based on research conducted before fieldwork began. Buildings were evaluated by their architectural traits, in order to provide a rough estimate for the date of construction. In many cases, it was a process of elimination, as the majority of buildings were clearly too modern for the period of interest.

I have recently finished my fieldwork and currently have a list of 16 buildings. This list needs to be condensed to ten. I will do this by researching each individual building at the Land Titles Office to determine which are the oldest.

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