South Australian Mueseum Storage

Hello there, this is Marie from Dr Alice Gorman’s Directed Study in Cultural Heritage Management class. I wanted to pass on some information about the South Australian Museum storage facility located at Netly. This warehouse is absolutely a goldmine for anyone interested in Australian Indigenous Culture, as it is full of artefacts from all over Australia, including Bathurst and Melville Islands. Artefacts include bark paintings, ornaments, Indigenous medicines, boomerangs, spears, stone tools, baskets and shields, to name but a few. Volunteers help keep the database up to date and everything tidy. Dr Keryn Walshe is full of enthusiasm for those wishing to access this facility to further their studies.
I have spent some time at the Netly storage facility looking into spear throwers, comparing those classed as children’s to those defined as adults. Is it child’s play or are they miniature? Comparisons will be made between the two groups in order to answer this question, utilising the Museum’s current database, recording measurements and general observations. The process has been quite rewarding and I look forward to updating you at a later date as to what I have discovered.

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