Heritage of Space

Hi all, my name is Olly and I am currently taking the ARCH 8508 Directed Studies class with Alice Gorman. For my project I have the chance to look into a “new” area of heritage management, the heritage of Space. What I have been asked to do is to identify what, if any, sites with “space significance” are currently listed on national heritage registers across the world.

So far I have been worried to discover that there are currently 192 independent nation sates in the world in 2009, and there are quite a few that I have never heard of! Unsurprisingly not all the countries speak English and it seems that quite a few have also shunned posting national laws on the internet where anyone can see them, which means that my world-wide study is going to have to be slightly limited in scope.

On the brighter side I have been able to find about 80 legislations on the internet in English and after reading all of them it’s surprising how similar they turn out to be. I also think I have heard every possible phrasing of the sentence “Sites of National Heritage Significance”

Now all I have left to do is search all the registers I can find on the internet, and try to work out what a site of Space Significance really is.

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