Directed Studies: Mitcham Police Station Artefact Analysis

Hello, my name is Hayley and I’m currently undertaking the Directed Studies in Archaeology topic with Alice Gorman. My project involves analysing the material excavated from the Old Mitcham Police Station on Princes Road, Mitcham, South Australia. Directed by Heather Burke, the excavations were done as part of National Archaeology Week in May 2008 by students and staff of Flinders University. As part of the conditions of the excavation permit, issued by the Department for Environment and Heritage in South Australia, a report is to be made of all excavation results including an artefact analysis and a database consistent with Heritage Victoria’s guidelines. Other outcomes of this project will include an analysis and interpretation of the collection, and recommendations for the preservation and long-term storage of significant artefacts.

Initial impressions of the assemblage were not particularly favourable, but after some time spent bagging and labelling I discovered some of the artefacts appear to be quite interesting and may be used to reveal some of the Police Station’s occupational history. Examples of such artefacts include a pair of old boots, a match box and various types of nails, possibly dating to the building’s construction.

Having been part of the excavation process I am excited to be able to make further contributions to the project. With any luck my analysis of the artefacts will contribute to the story of the Old Mitcham Police Station and in turn the local community.

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